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Property Auction Update

At the recent property auction, 23 properties are sale pending and under contract. Click here to view a full list of all the properties Under Contract / Sale Pending. Additional properties and more auctions coming soon.

Court Grants Receiver’s Motion to Approve the Claims Process

To make the process of submitting a claim less burdensome for investors, Omni Agent Solutions will be generating and directly mailing Proof of Claim Forms to each known investor. Omni will also include Claims Process Instructions in the form. However, the investor must still complete and sign the Proof of Claim Form under penalty of […]

Settlement Conference

The Receiver did not participate in the Settlement Conference (at Mr. Rybicki’s request). According to the Court’s entry [doc 341], the mediation lasted 6.5 hours and the Court is continuing the mediation.

Unopposed Motion to Approve the Sale of Real Property Via Online Auction

On June 23, 2021 the Receiver filed an Unopposed Motion to Approve the Sale of Real Property Via Online Auction.  (the Motion can be viewed here – Dkt. 337).  The Receiver is seeking approval to sell thirty properties via his online auction website – https://www.receivership-auctions.com/.  Information regarding the thirty properties can be found in the […]