EquiAlt Receivership

Motion Filed for Approval of Second Interim Distribution of $40 Million

On March 22, 2024, the Receiver filed a motion seeking approval to make a second interim distribution to investors with allowed claims. A copy of the Receiver’s motion is available here. The Receiver is seeking permission to make an interim distribution of approximately $40 million as set forth on Exhibit 1 attached to the motion, which would provide claimants entitled to participate in the distribution approximately 26.8% of their allowed amounts. The proposed second distribution would bring the total recovery for claimants participating in both distributions to approximately 93.8% of approved amounts. If the motion is granted, the Receiver will make every effort to promptly send distribution checks by U.S. Mail. This website will be updated once the Court enters an order on the motion. If you have any questions regarding this motion or the claims process, you may contact the claims administrator, Omni Agent Solutions, at: equialtclaims@omniagnt.com or (866) 956-2142.